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What makes a smart website?


Designed to convert

Realize your business goals with the help of our tools.

We deep dive into your business and implement ideas that work for your business.


Built just for you

Why spend hours learning how to use a new tool? We build you a custom website, that you can be proud of, and you don't have to Google a thing!


Optimized, refined, tweaked

Powered by WordPress, we start off with the worlds most popular website tool, then we optimize, speed up, secure and clean it up, so its easy as pie!


Maintenance Free

Websites start off looking good but then degrade and break as the web changes. We make sure your website goes the other way, getting faster and more effective over time - and you don't have to lift a finger.

Who are you?

Our core focus is on service providers, like MSP's, small business, IT service providers and consultants.


IT service professional? We understand how you work and the unique value you provide to small and medium business owners.

Why SiteSpot?

You can rely on us to translate the tech speak into business benefits that your customer can understand.

Resell online marketing to your customers via our white labelled web dev service for MSP's and IT service providers.

Small Business

We can help your small business get online fast, and without any training, or 'how-to' Googling. 

Why SiteSpot?

We're quick, and any changes you want to make to your site is just an email away.


Just because you can build a website, it doesn't mean you should. Our team of smart marketers can help you convey your unique value to your customers sop you dont't have to divert your focus to a website.

Why SiteSpot?

We build tech, we understand tech, we code. We can reduce the amount of code you need to implement and maintain.

We care

Need to make a change? Not sure if something is possible? We quickly and cleverly respond to your queries, so you can get back to your business, without digging into a website.

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Experienced Support

Talk to an expert about what you want, not some high-schooler without any experience. We ask the right questions to create a simple plan to make your website great.


We'll do it for you

We make any changes you want when you need it. Your business needs are changing, so your website should change with it.


Secure and reliable

We keep you and your customers' information safe, by encrypting your websites and offering daily offsite backups.


Flexible and fast

We use the best tools to allow us to build your vision quickly and beautifully, and because we do it for you, there is absolutely no learning curve.

Our web philosophy

We've spent years working with countless customers. See what we've learnt and how we do it.


Structured, organized, fast

Our set process allows you to have a website built in only a few weeks. We collect your content and business information, design your layout, brand your website and send it live!

See our web-design process here.


Connect, integrate, send

You probably already have a number of business systems set up. We don't want to add another thing for you to worry about.

Our smart websites ensure that customer leads, comments, requests and more aren't 'stuck' in your website, but connected to your existing tools.


Use the best tools, always

There are a million ways to skin a cat - but our experience allows us to jump through the noise, filter out what's necessary, and give you a smart solution to your business problems.


Over Communication

We endeavour to reach out to you before you come to us - because nobody likes sending (or receiving) the "just checking in" email.

Need more than a website?

A website is a great start, but certainly not the end of your online marketing journey.

Managed IT Website - Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Smart email campaigns can build brand loyalty, educate users and most importantly, sell, without you lifting a finger.

Why SiteSpot?

We manage and market successfully to email lists of over 1000 people. So you can trust that we have the experience to get you from 0 to an in house marketing team.

Managed IT Website - Stability and Reliability

Logos and Branding

Your branding is your first impression. Make an impact, without spending months stressing over the right logo.

Why SiteSpot?

A logo is just the beginning. We provide you with brand guidelines, social media assets and letterheads so that you can hit the ground running.

Managed IT Website - Integration

Custom Web Solutions

Need something more than a simple website? No problem - we've built web applications for all sorts of industries, with all sorts of tech.

Why SiteSpot?

We've built tools for many industries, all sorts of traffic and budgets. We can help you get up and running fast, with the right tools.

Managed IT Website - Conversational Automation

Chat Solutions

Chat software is new, but our team has extensive experience already. talk with us about how

Why SiteSpot?

Our smart chatbots send and receive over 2000 messages per day, allowing us to experiment, refine and improve chat solutions for all our customers, without the risk of "experimenting with new technology"