MSP User Profiles Wizard

This wizard will be the most important step in creating a website that helps you sell your MSP services and solutions.

The purpose is to understand who is visiting the website, why they are seeking you out, and what they want to accomplish. 

By knowing this we can ensure that we develop content that helps overcome their objections and answers all of their questions. 

Once we understand this, we can present the information to visitors in a design that helps them get the most out of your website.


In this wizard we will come up with the “Character”, “Intention”, and “Goal” for your website’s visitors. 


The character is a person (or group of people) who will use your website that has unique, identifiable qualities.


The intention is what the visitor is looking to do or learn on your website. Each character will most likely have more than one intention.


Finally, we’ll want to understand what your visitor is trying to achieve. Like Intention, each Character will most likely have more than one goal.

Some Examples...

“I am an accountant, and I want to securely backup data so that I can focus on the books.”

“I am a CIO, and I want to outsource Level 1 support so that I can work on larger projects.”

“I am a restaurant owner, and I want to fix my systems so that I can accept online orders.”


To help prompt you to identify the Characters, Intentions, and Goals of your prospect, we’ll have 3 fill in the blank questions where you answer from the perspective of your visitor......

Build your user profiles