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How it works

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Answer about 8 questions that we use to automatically generate you an MSP website.

2. Add your brand and tweak the site

Upload your logo, icon, brand slogan and change, add or remove any website content you want with our intuitive page builder.

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Connect your domain.

Join us for $30 per month and send it live!

How we keep it fresh.

Website templates get stale, you start to recognize the designs, and the content becomes repetitive. That is why...

  • When 20 people sign up to a paid plan, we design and write a brand new MSP site ready for you.
  • That old design and content is gone forever - only those 20 users will get tha website design or content.
  • Don't like this months design? Join the email list to hear about new designs when they arrive and jump on them before they sell out.

Built for...


$30 pm

  • No contracts
  • Use your own domain & remove SiteSpot branding.
  • Up to 10 pages
  • Blog
  • 1 hour website setup or optimization zoom call / year
  • 1 hour of done-for-you updates /year
  • Export a complete WordPress install to install on your own server. (12 month minimum payment required - $360)