Our Feedback Policy

IMPORTANT – Please Read All Of This Message!
THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO REMEMBER:  This design is for your customers, not for yourself. Please ensure that your feedback will pertain to your goal of making the phone ring. If you don’t like the color red, try to decide if you think it will affect your goal. The black hole of design occurs when opinions get in the way of focusing on your goal. Please, please, please consider this before you leave feedback.
How To Judge This Design:
Most of our clients are not designers themselves, they just know what they like and what they don’t like. To give this emotional task some process please follow these directions for judging these designs.
  • Avoid judging by committee. Design is very emotive and people will find it hard to agree on a single direction.
  • Have one person in charge of the project with a strong personality if you can’t avoid the committee route. It is important to have a decision maker with the power to overrule.
  • Break the design down in your mind into its component parts; fonts, color, layout, images and decide what you like and what you don’t like.
  • If you can’t decide on any one direction for the design to move forward with, take a step back and let the images settle in your mind overnight. Start again the next day as something may have connected in your subconscious
  • If you want to go back to the drawing board, tell us why. Designers are not mind readers so it’s critical to say what you are not happy with. With the new information that you provide, the designers will be able to get a lot closer to your dream.
  • Remember that you “the client” and us “the designer” are in this together as a partnership. Let’s treat each other as we would hope to be treated ourselves. It can get emotional so just take a step back and think about how you can present your thoughts coherently.
  • A design is not a brand. Let me repeat that as it is very important. A design is not a brand. You build a brand, often over many years. Take for instance the Nike check mark logo. Everyone recognizes this instantly around the world as representing quality. It has cost Nike billions of dollars to build that recognition. Just imagine for one second that we designed that logo for you today. Could you imagine the brand you could build using it or would you think you wasted your money having a designer draw a check mark? Design is very subjective so don’t lose heart if the first set of designs are not on the money. Let us know why you feel they are not right and we will fix it.
Providing Us With Revision Instructions:
  1. Be very clear in your language. (The fewer words you use to describe something the better it is for the design team to interpret your meaning).
  2. Revision instructions should be bullet pointed one line at a time per instruction.
  3. If you have seen a design on the Internet that helps to explain your point then please do point us to it by adding the webpage address and the place on the page we can find the information or image you want to point us to. You can also upload an image of your own (perhaps a sketch) if you think that might help.
  4. If you need us to go back to the drawing board and just start again, please let us know why. We can avoid any mistakes previously made if we know what you are not happy with.
  5. If you want to ask us a question about something that is not a design revision, please feel free to ask in reply to this email.