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Below is a sample of a blog post that is for an MSP that services San Jose and Silicon Valley. They have a niche of printer management and cost reduction.

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Use these tips to more than half your printer costs.


Buying a new printer for your office in San Jose seems like a simple enough task. Go to Best Buy and buy a cheap printer. After all, you don't print that much anymore.

The problem lies in that the printer itself is always a loss leader to get you to purchase company branded ink cartridges, and the printer you buy will have 'free ink' - but it will only be enough to print a couple of reports. Usually, the cheapest printers have the highest ink costs, and also the worst print quality. Even worse, most of the time, you will end up with an inkjet printer - which is great if you often print in color, but we have seen managing hundreds of printers that most Silicon Valley business usually only need to print in black and white.

Refurbished and off-brand cartridges are also usually of a lesser quality, and also don't last very long - so your cost savings are negligible.

So what do you do to reduce your printing costs? Invest in a laser printer.

Laser printers cost a little more up front, but the annual cost of a laser printer is one-third of a laser per year. Laser printers also last longer and are less likely to jam when you are printing a lot of pages.

But where do you get a laser printer? You can try a computer store, but these often apply the same cheap-to-buy, expensive-to-run model as retail inkjet printers.

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