SiteSpot vs. Squarespace / Wix 

You're ready to build an MSP website, and you have a bunch of phenomenal ideas swimming around in your head. The only issue is choosing which platform to use to create your site.

You know all the big names in the website-building game, and it's tempting just to pick one of those and go with it.

But there's a reason your gut is telling you that you need to explore more options aside from Squarespace and Wix.

The traditional website builders set limitations on your site's creativity and functionality. We offer unending possibilities and the chance to tailor your website to your needs.


  • With SiteSpot, you'll be able to generate a dynamic MSP site in seconds. An exquisitely crafted website that evokes your brand can be put together with words, layouts, and designs.
  • SiteSpot is so easy to use that you won't have to worry about having a dedicated webmaster to update content or fix bugs. You'll be able to take care of everything on your own through our user-friendly page builder.
  • We offer new MSP-specific designs each month. Each design is created by carefully studying numerous MSP website builds to discover techniques that foster effective lead generation.
  • SiteSpot is based on WordPress, meaning that our system is open source, secure, and entirely flexible. We offer a complete export or the ability to export and install wherever you want.
  • We offer Syncro integration so you can direct support forms to tickets, forms to leads, and check/reply to tickets. This integration comes with a pretty Wiki instead of the ugly default Syncro Wiki.
  • Building your website with SiteSpot also gives you access to our vault of MSP marketing materials. These tools will help you create stunning Facebook ads, drip emails, and more.
  • Our team helps you every step of the way to ensure your MSP site reaches its full potential. Our packages include MSP marketing consult hours for your team, opening the door for you to experience better content management and ownership.

Squarespace / Wix

  • The generic website builders are exactly that: generic. They come with cookie-cutter website templates that you can see on so many other websites on the market.
  • The templates they do offer are also heavily focused on imagery. You don't need that much imagery on your website as an MSP.
  • The other site builders don't have content specifically geared toward an MSP. As you know, the hardest part is often knowing what to say, and they don't provide any sort of help to help you solve that puzzle.
  • If you do ask the team members of a generic site builder for help, they rarely have specific MSP experience and can really only lend a hand with typical site building issues.
  • The add-ons for the generic site builder packages get very expensive. Instead of getting everything you need upfront, you have to pick and choose what tools are most valuable to your brand.
  • Generic sites are typically not exportable, meaning that once you start with Squarespace or Wix, you're stuck with them.

SiteSpot provides everything you need to develop an incredible MSP website. Build your free 1 page MSP website today and see how SiteSpot makes it easy to bring your MSP online.