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Dual Monitors: Increasing Productivity

Using two monitors isn’t an extravagance or a luxury held only by top-level executives. Dual screens offer multiple ways to boost productivity and positively impact a workplace.

A two-monitor setup can solve various user issues that you and your workers face each day. Sometimes you have to switch back and forth between two windows and waste a lot of time clicking back and forth. Or maybe you have trouble navigating menus and controls when windows need to be sized down. And don’t get us started on the frustration of trying to find the app you need under a pile of other open applications.

With a single screen, you’re limited to smaller windows to make everything fit or with a bunch of windows stacked on top of each other. Either way, you face an inability to orchestrate their windows for a smooth workflow.

Whether you’re your own boss and work solo as a freelancer, or you have an office full of employees typing away at their monitors, setting up dual monitors for your office computers can have a massive impact on saving time and improving overall productivity.

Why Dual Monitor Setups Are Ideal

Let’s look at some of the reasons to consider adding an additional monitor to your and your employees’ computers.

  • Low Cost, High Reward
    • A second monitor costs about $160-250, depending on the size and manufacturer. But the productivity boost of adding a second screen is over 40%. This means that the monitor will pay itself off in less than a month, and in many cases, in less than two weeks.
  • Fewer Mistakes
    • When you must continually switch between different windows, your thought process may become interrupted, which can lead to mistakes. With dual monitors, you can have more windows open at the same time, reducing the chance of errors and making it significantly easier to complete side-by-side companion tasks.
  • Higher Efficiency
    • With dual screens, you’ll be able to check things off your list faster and complete more tasks in a workday. Getting more things done accurately in a shorter period of time means more profit for any size company.

A dual monitor setup can work wonders for you and your company. And you don’t necessarily have to go all-out right away. You can start by getting a couple of second screens for a few employees and seeing how they like working with them before introducing them to the rest of the crew.

To be fair, we think they’ll be ecstatic at the prospect of being able to see more than just small, cramped windows on their screen. In fact, it may be hard to choose who gets to try out the dual screens first.

Dual monitors give you that much more space to do what you’re best at doing. Spend your time at work being productive, not feeling annoyed that you can’t find the one tab you need.


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