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Redesigning Your Website

A design is something that needs to be updated over time, regardless of circumstance. In marketing, we need to innovate and upgrade according to the business needs and convenience and still remain appealing to consumers. The same can be said for websites.

If you’ve been a website owner for a while, chances are, your website has seen some redesigns and updates – whether minor or major. Website redesign isn’t even surprising considering the ever-changing state of user preferences, behavior and tastes coupled with the ever-growing and updating standard of search engines and technology, in general.

But when should businesses consider redesigning their website?

In this article, we’ll discuss factors to take note of to determine the right time for a website redesign.

Factors to Consider to Determine a Website Redesign

The number rule of thumb during the decision-making process is to note if your website no longer meets your business goals and objectives other than your desire to redesign for aesthetics, among other reasons. To help you, here are some circumstances where you need to consider a redesign.

  • You get feedback from your website users that your website is boring.
  • Your website does not keep up with new technologies.
  • You want to incorporate your new branding, theme and color standards to your website.
  • Your conversion rate has been decreasing.
  • Your bounce rates have been increasing.
  • Your website needs to keep up with new search engine standards

Minor Redesign vs Major Redesign

Some business owners consider website redesigning and building as a one-time thing and leave their websites as is after it’s been built. But the most successful websites consider website designing as an on-going process with elements that need to be updated regularly.¬†While some website design last for 3 years or so, some may only take as fast as half a year before a new website design update rolls in.

The key strategy is to keep your tweaks to a minimum, but make it on a regular basis as a testing phase before going for a major website overhaul.

Test, Test, and Test

The biggest issue you will encounter when you redesign your website is there isn’t any way for you to know how your users will react to the changes. Your target costumers may not take too well to your new design as much as you think. That is why testing is a sound practice before you release your design. That way, you get a clear insight as to the reaction of your users to the changes in your website elements and make decisions according to the data presented.

Keep in mind that a website design is an ongoing process. It does not stop as soon as you launch your website.

When do you consider a website redesign? How do you implement a website redesign? Let us know in the comments below!

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