Why customer reviews are just as important as a good website

Over the past few years, the importance of compiling online reviews has increased massively. People expect to see them when visiting a website and having only a few or none hugely impact the success and failure of your business.

You’ll see this everywhere you look – whether it’s take away, a new phone, a hotel, or finding a good doctor – people trust reviews to weed out the dodgy from the pro’s. Many questions you didn’t even know you had are answered in client reviews – and you don’t have to even think of what to write.

This is why a business with few or no customer reviews will be quickly dismissed – they have no way of knowing whether their decision to choose you is an intelligent one, or just plain silly. Why risk it when the other guys have plenty of reviews speaking praise about their service?

3 Ways To Collect Reviews

  1. Automate – You can set up your invoicing system to automatically send your customer a review survey after they have purchased or paid their invoice – you will be surprised how many people are happy to fill out a review form (if you didn’t suck).
  2. Ask in advance – If you mention how important reviews are to your business, happy customers will be delighted to let you know how happy they were!
  3. Pick up the phone – Give your customers a call after the job is complete, many people will be happy to give you a testimonial over the phone. Its quicker and easier for many people that clicking links and typing your thoughts. Make sure you let them know you are going to post the review online so their are no weird moments for them when they visit you later!
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