How to Overcome Website Frustration: 3 Simple but Effective Steps

Building a new website is an exiting idea – you can just see the finished website. Your friends will be amazed and look to you like some kind of a design genius and the leads will come flying in!

Unfortunately that’s almost never the case. There are a few ways your new website build can go:
– You try to build you own website, and it turns into scrambled eggs.
– You try to write your own content, and you send yourself to sleep.
– You try to follow ‘advice’ and it looks weird and just doesn’t work.

But fear not! If you follow these 3 steps, you can have a great website without pulling your hair out (that blows your friends minds)

STEP 1 – Keep it simple

If you aren’t a coder, keep it simple and be prepared to compromise. What may seem like a simple thing to do, often is not so easy once you get started. Don’t try to add every bell and whistle to your site from the get go – you’ll get overwhelmed and frustrated.

If you are a coder, try to hold yourself back Рbecause most of the time, its the website design and copy that matters Рnot the extra  code to make the background look like its snowing.

STEP 2 – Know your strengths and get help

You may have a design eye, you may be a great writer or you may know how to attract customers with your website. Chances are though – you aren’t great at all 3 (fun fact: nobody is!)

If you cant write – Find a friend or colleague that can write clearly, succinctly and without jargon.

If you cant design – Use a simple website builder with templates you like – don’t try to make too many changes because it will kill the flow of the website and send visitors back out the door. Ask your friends with a keen eye for design their thoughts, but remember… simple or struggle (its your choice)

STEP 3 – Don’t always use ‘the best XXXXX’

When people find out you’re building a website, you’re going to hear a LOT of opinions. “Use WordPress”, “Never use WordPress”, “I love Squarespace”, “use this form plugin”, “use this marketing tool” and on and on and on. The fact is, their are a thousand ways to build a website right, and a million ways to do it wrong.

Don’t invest too much time in investigating every plugin and option, because it will just slow you down. Remember step 1 – keep it simple!

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