4 Simple ways you can use chatbots to grow your revenue.

Chatbots are a great way to increase your profits, and in this article, we’re going to show how these efficient AI bots can drive your revenues upwards, no matter what business type you are. With their popularity increasing, there has never been a better time to get started!


I like the idea of Chatbots – but what can *I* do with one?

Unlike other types of marketing like email and social media, chatbots don’t dominate the landscape, so it’s hard to see the full potential that they offer. Without seeing that, it’s difficult to imagine what you can do with one.


What that really means is that you’re on top of a huge opportunity. All you need to do is think about what your business goals are… and how a chatbot can help you to achieve them.


They seem… kind useless to me, actually!

I’ll give you this one. Poorly implemented, they seem like a cheap trick to throw on a website that annoys people and does next to nothing. The reality is different – they drive 10x the engagement.


That sounds a lot better than useless to me – imagine what you can do with 10x more engagement!


OK, so tell me four ways I can make money using chatbots

Of course.


Firstly, the 10x increase in clickthrough rates means you can start driving traffic wherever you want it to go. New product, new blog post, new service, anything. 10x more, no matter what it is.


Second, if you have a booking engine, you can streamline the customer support to an incredible degree: vacancies, thank yours, updates, billable hours, invitations… the list goes on. It’s all automated – just count the $$$.


Third, you can get great user feedback through quick surveys, letting you suit and boot your business for further success, giving your customers exactly what they want.


Finally, consider that a chatbot is AI; if you have any tools, you’ll be able to convert them to “Chatbots” and do things the interactive way. Let me tell you, this is a great way to ramp up conversions!


OK, I’m on board now. Anything else I should know?



Stay casual – think of your chatbot like a pal on a messaging platform

Add CTAS – nobody’s going to feel bad saying no to a bot, but they might say yes to your offer

Keep it light – be informative and entertaining



Write a novel – keep it short, simple, and easy to read

Be clingy – don’t force your chatbot on people. Let them take the initiative

Spam – nobody likes spam. Just don’t!


Can I make my own chatbot?

You sure can – and it’s surprisingly easy given that this is a new tech frontier. Check out this post to find out how!


Can I get a pro to make me a chatbot?

If you don’t have the time, or your ideas are complex for a beginner, then reaching out to professionals – like us – is a great way to build a custom chatbot that’s awesome and does exactly what you need it to.

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