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Email Marketing: A Tool for Business Growth

Through the years, and with innovation, the broad term of marketing has been segmented into numerous practices – each with their own various takes, strategies and concepts, but ultimately boils down to marketing. From SEO to mobile marketing, social media, video marketing and various more marketing practices, one can simply conclude that there are many approaches to reaching out to a specific market.

Among these practices, email marketing has been one that persists over time and has only been improved to adapt to the changes of time. With the rise of mobile, it is even said that more and more users have come to use email.


Nowadays, hard selling is frowned upon and something that should be done sparingly. With the rise of mobile technology, users tend to gravitate towards the personalised approach in marketing because it feels like they are communicating and transacting with an actual person and not just some machine or AI. With that in mind, marketers strive to study and target their market to make sure their marketing message is served to those who are most likely to respond to them.

There have been many trends and strategies in email marketing in the past which is constantly being innovated to adapt to today’s market and technology. Email marketing is here to stay. This only tells us that email marketing is one of the most powerful platforms to present your marketing image.

Here are some of the reasons why marketing is still here:

Email has a wider reach than most marketing strategies

You may think that this is false considering that social media has a significant number of users and with multiple platforms to choose from.

What others fail to consider is that these social media platforms or any other website for that matter whether it’s for e-commerce or forums or blogs is that one would need to enter their emails in order to sign up to said platforms. Everyone who makes a presence online whether it’s for social media or for ecommerce is sure to have an email.

Email is a tool for conversion

If you compare social media and email marketing again, you will notice that most users find long-form content on social media daunting. They either skip reading to the end of the message or they ignore the message altogether.

When using different platforms for marketing with the goal of conversion in mind, we also have to consider the psychology of the reader of that platform. With that said, email is more likely to have a higher conversion rate due to its ability to enable marketers to send email sequences for their marketing campaigns.

Email drives higher ROI

Because email has a higher conversion rate, it only follows that email yields higher ROI than other platforms. Most marketers attribute this to formulating a personalised style of marketing to a highly-targeted market.

Email ensures that your messages is delivered to your market

Consider posting a marketing content on your social media page or account. While many will be able to read your post, you cannot be sure that all your followers will read your post. Some of those who read your post may not even be your target market who do not have any interest in your campaign.

The same cannot be said about email, however. With email you are sure that all the contacts who receive your campaign are your target market in your email list. These contacts already have your permission to receive emails from you.

There is not one entity who has sole control of email

This is because email is an open communication platform. May individuals and companies use it with the help of tools and software to send and receive emails. Compare that to Facebook or Twitter where post visibility is limited to followers unless they pay for their posts to be promoted or boosted.

Companies who invest on developing their email lists are ensured that their marketing messages are ensured that the people they send their campaigns to receive these emails without the threat of limitation based on the amount of money they spend on promotion or boosting.

Email has a high longevity

If the years of changing trends and technology is not enough proof that email is here to stay, then consider the number of social networking sites that have come and gone. And where is email now? It’s here and still widely used by many.

It has been evolved and innovated to withstand the test of time and the demands of marketers and users alike.

Now that you know just how powerful email marketing can be for your marketing campaigns, it’s now time to consider using it.

If you want a more in-depth discussion about email marketing and how it can help your business growth, drop us a line and we’ll be glad to help you.

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