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Email Marketing: A Tool for Business Growth

Through the years, and with innovation, the broad term of marketing has been segmented into numerous practices – each with their own various takes, strategies and concepts, but ultimately boils down to marketing. From SEO to mobile marketing, social media, video marketing and various more marketing practices, one can simply conclude that there are many…

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The 7 features that every IT website must have

Having a website is simple enough. You can pay a service like Squarespace 10 bucks a month a get an OK looking site in only a few hours. But is the site going to be effective for your IT service business? Not really. This post will look into the key features that you must have…

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How do you feel about the future of MSPs and IT Support?

Originally posted on by /u/tntgav When I say future, I mean in five years from now. I’ve been working at an MSP for the last decade, more or less, and in that time I’ve worked my way up the ladder at the MSP where I work. For a few years now I’ve been concerned about…

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Live chat for tech support, good or bad idea?

Almost every website we visit has that live chat bubble down the bottom right of the page. Most of the time its used as a sales tool, but more and more services have started using live chat to support users. So today we ask the question – Is live chat good for tech  support? Spoiler, it is.…

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