Our Unlimited Support Policy

SiteSpot prides itself on having great customer support, which is why we offer unlimited support to all of our subscribers.

When we say “unlimited”, we do have a few caveats that might be of interest.

Support Requests

All SiteSpot plans that come with unlimited support, includes a set amount of time per month (see the individual product/service page in our store) that we guarantee a fast response. After that allotment of time is taken up for the month, your support requests go into a queue and are answered as soon as possible, without a guarantee for resolution.

This policy ensures that all SiteSpot customers continue to receive fast response times, without being overwhelmed with one customer.

How can I optimize my support requests?

A common issue with using up your support allotment every month is sending us multiple small requests per month. Our support is logged in 15 minute increments, so even if your job only takes 5 minutes, we will allocate 15 minutes to the task. If you merge multiple small requests into one request, we can tackle it all in one ticket.

I need more support than I am getting

If you still find you need more support every month, you can upgrade to a higher plan, or purchase an additional support plan in the SiteSpot store.

How do I know if I’ve used up my monthly support allocation?

If we find that we have hit your support limit for the month, we’ll let you know via email that you are at your limit for the month. We rarely enforce this policy for one off surges in support requests. But if we find you are frequently going over your support usage, we’ll advise you on additional support packages or alternative plans that are better suited for your usage.

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