Getting started with the Autotask integration

Our Autotask integration lets you map your sales and support forms to opportunities and tickets in Autotask, saving you the effort of inputting data into Autotask.

STEP 1: Create an AutoTask API user

In your AutoTask admin, head to the Resources (users) section. Under Admin in your main menu


Create a new user

A window will pop-up


Fill out the General tab with information to help you identify the API user you are creating.


Next, Jump over to the Security tab.


Choose the Security Level of “API User

Choose “SiteSpot – Website Integration” for your integration Vendor. This step is now required by AutoTask.

Complete the user creation steps and click “Save



STEP 2: Configure SiteSpot to connect to Autotask

Configure your account details in the admin under Forms > Settings > Autotask

Click update settings when done.


STEP 3: Map your form fields to your Autotask fields

NOTE: All fields are required. 

Each form needs to be mapped to your desired fields in Autotask.


Go to the ‘Forms’ section in your SiteSpot admin panel.


Hover over ‘settings’ under the form you wan, and click on ‘Autotask’ as below


Create a new feed

Map the fields to your needs.

You can hover over the question marks to help you find your queue id’s etc

NOTE: All fields are required.

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