Our Update Policy

Our WordPress Update Policy

WordPress has 2 different types of updates, and SiteSpot handles each differently.

Functional Updates

This type of update adds features and options to the WordPress core. These are the major core updates (“Parker”, “Smith”, “Benny”). They are first offered as a beta and then the release version is made available. When the new release is announced, we begin testing compatibility on on of our staging servers.

We don’t update during the beta or immediately when the update is released. Instead, our team tests the new release and its features against SiteSpot to see how they act and react to our platform. We will also take note of any known issues you can expect after an update and have actionable solutions, should you be affected.

Once we have analyzed the update and made the needed adjustments to SiteSpot, we will update all our sites.

Should there be an unforseen error, our system automatically detects this and rolls back to the old version until the problem is solved.

Security Updates

This type of update contains security or minor fixes that are pushed out to repair a vulnerability or bug in the WordPress core. We immediately investigate that the change doesn’t adversely affect our platform then push it out to our customer’s installs. We have found that the vast majority of installs that are adversely affected by security updates are ones that are using the vulnerability that is being closed. Because of this, we cannot defer security updates as this would keep your site and our platform vulnerable.

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