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Landing Page Tips

If you’re new to landing pages or simply want to improve your existing landing page, then you’re in the right place. We’ve made a list of tips we’ve curated from tried and tested best practices.

Additionally, if you want to make sure your existing landing pages are up to par, check out our landing page scoring rubrics to see where your landing page is at and what elements you have to improve on.

  1. Use landing pages to send inbound traffic to, instead of simply directing them to your homepage or web page. You can redirect your traffic to your homepage or any other page in your website after your landing page goal has been attained.
  2. Your landing page should be dedicated to one subject and a single purpose only. Your message should be focused on a single subject.
  3. Every element in your landing page should be aligned to your goal, message and theme.
  4. Your landing page headline should be aligned to the ad connected to your landing page.
  5. Avoid long-form content by using bullets.
  6. Show social proof such as social buttons prompting visitors to see you on social platforms to show your social status.
  7. Include a guarantee to reduce risk.
  8. Test new elements and ideas using A/B or multivariate testing.
  9. Include your phone number in the landing page copy so you’re visitors know that they will be dealing with an actual person and can be reached out to personally.
  10. Practice brevity and clarity. Remove redundant content in your landing page copy.
  11. Use real client testimonies to increase authenticity and trust.
  12. Offer try-before-you-buy. Free trials give users a view of what to expect and will lessen the risk of cancellations and refunds.
  13. Segment user types for a targeted marketing approach.
  14. If you are selling a book or a guide, whether it’s a physical or digital copy, offer your visitors a sneak peek of your peak as a teaser.
  15. Use directional cues especially when your CTA button is below the fold.
  16. Make sure your CTA is the most obvious element in your landing page.
  17. Make use of your own photos and videos of your product or service instead of using stock photos.
  18. Use videos to increase conversion.
  19. Include logos of your clients or partners to increase trust.
  20. Segment your traffic according to source to make it easier to measure and tailor your landing page copy according to the platform used.

If you want to know how a landing page can improve your marketing and would like to take advantage of how it increases conversion, drop us a line for an in-depth discussion.

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