Page Builder Common Terminology

Common Terminology

Before moving onto the Settings, let’s define some common terms for the course:

  • Modules: These are different pieces of content you can drop into a page. The Photo Module allows you to add a picture; more advanced Modules like the Post Slider allows you to create a magazine-style slider of posts and post images.
  • Templates: Templates are pre-configured page layouts. They allow you to create pages quickly and easily. As we will see soon, there are lots of layouts for different landing pages, about pages, contact pages, and more. We can also create our own.
  • Rows: A row is a horizontal section of content. Beaver Builder gives you the ability to change the look and feel of modules, as well as entire sections. If you want a specific section to have a different background and font color, you can change those styles for the entire row.
  • Columns: Vertical sections of content. Beaver Builder allows you to have responsive multi column layouts on a per-row basis. If you want one section to have 4 columns and one to have 2, this plugin has you covered. In 1.9, you can even have Columns within Columns.
  • Themer Parts: These are items such as the header, footer, blog post layout, and any other frequently repeating sections of the website.

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