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Our Autotask integration lets you map your sales and support forms to opportunities and tickets in Autotask, saving you the effort of inputting data into Autotask.

STEP 1: Configure SiteSpot to connect to Autotask

  • Configure your account details in the admin under Forms > Settings > Autotask
  • You can use any Autotask user account that can create contacts, customers, opportunities and tickets. We recommend creating a specific user account for the integration if possible.
  • You can also configure your default ticket priority and queue here. We recommend this as it will save you from doing it with every form.
  • Click update settings when done.

STEP 2: Map your form fields to your Autotask fields

Each form needs to be mapped to your desired fields in Autotask.

  • Go to the 'Forms' section in your SiteSpot admin panel.
  • Hover over 'settings' under the form you wan, and click on 'Autotask' as below
  • Create a new feed
  • Map the fields to your needs.
  • You can hover over the question marks to help you find your queue id's etc

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