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MSPs and the Four T’s of Marketing

IT MSPs shouldn’t just focus on their own sphere of industry when it comes to the business aspect. Just like any business out there, whether it deals with providing products or services dealing with technology or not, marketing is an essential aspect to reach out to target markets.

The thing with marketing, though, is that it takes time. Whether it’s an email campaign, a social media campaign, or cultivating a blog, or any other marketing strategy an organisation comes up with, it will take time and careful management. From planning, to researching, to testing and all the way to execution, it is going to require the utmost care and a lot of time.

It is, after all, with testing and improving strategies that a marketing campaign ensures its success with. Now, there are 4 T’s of marketing to consider if you want your campaign to be successful.


If you are familiar with lead generation, then you know that there are two types of leads. The first type of lead pertains to leads generated shortly after an event. These type of leads are called cold leads. This type of leads pertains to leads that give out their contact information, but aren’t really interested in buying your product or service.

The other type of lead is called the hot lead. Hot leads are those who willingly give out their contact information because they are interested in your product or service with the possibility or intent to buy.

Now, just because a lead is considered cold does not mean you need to focus all your effort into turning those leads into sales. You should also carefully consider those who belong to your cold leads whom you think you can nurture into warm leads through marketing strategies.


Timing is another thing to consider in marketing. Learn to time your marketing campaigns properly. Take note of holidays, significant days of the month (i.e. paydays, etc.) when making that final push for sales. Also, remember that while constant communication to make sure you are not forgotten is essential, sending your leads emails every other day or everyday will prove more harmful to your marketing. Space your communication by a week or at most, 10 weeks in between to make sure you stay relevant but not too pushy.


Targeting is the process of narrowing down a whole market with criterias such as status, gender, income bracket, industry, job position, needs, challenges, etc. It is one of the most important aspect when planning your campaigns. By doing so, you get to carefully select who you serve your campaigns to making sure that this market has the potential to favourably respond. This saves you time, effort and most importantly, money in the long run.


Touch, in marketing, pertains to your interaction with a lead. Be it through calls, email, or mailed flyers. Like mentioned earlier, marketing takes time. And touches such as emails or emails will take time until interest is cultivated on a lead. It requires nurturing on the part of the marketer and constant monitoring to ensure that varied type of touches spread out over a certain period yields significant results.

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